"If you love your cymbals, better let your drum-stick swipe them!"

Warranty Statement

We grant a manufacturer's guarantee for material or manufacturing defects.
Therefore, we will check each individual case,
whether material or manufacturing, defects are the cause of the damage.

> > > Please note! < < <

Damages that occurred outside the guarantee period cannot be taken into consideration.

The basic warranty periods vary depending on the model and version
and apply from the date of purchase.

two-years manufacturer's warranty for hi-hats, ride cymbals and bells
- one-year manufacturer's warranty for crash, china, splash and FX cymbals 

> > > How is the procedure now? < < <

As soon as you notice damage at your cymbal
which is obviously recognizable as a manufacturing defect,
please contact your dealer immediately.
Your dealer will then forward your proof of purchase
and meaningful photos to Murat himself for review.

If a warranty claim is found,
you send the damaged cymbal to the domestic Murat Diril Cymbal address.

> > > Please note! < < <

If you continue to play a damaged cymbal your warranty claim will expire.
Cracks must still be in the initial stage to be assessable.


There are typical reasons why your warranty claim might be denied.
Here are examples for which there is no guarantee:

- Missing proof of purchase
- outside the warranty period
- missing parts of the cymbal, broken pieces
- obviously complete destruction
- torn at the edge
- Spider cracks on the bell hole
- Dents or nicks, which obviously indicate excessive stress on the instrument,
use of the wrong stick or incorrect handling (dropping)