Pablo Ranlett-López [ USA ]


Pablo E. Ranlett-López, raised in Vieques, Puerto Rico and later Crestview, Florida, is a freelance jazz drummer and vibraphonist whose influences span across multiples genres of music. Pablo is currently a student seeking an Undergraduate BM Jazz Studies and Composition Degree (With Percussion Emphasis) at The University of Southern Mississippi under the direction of Larry Panella of The Phil Collins Big Band and world renowned percussionist Dr. John Wooton.


During his studies, Pablo has had the opportunity to perform with many prominent musicians including Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, Andy Narell, Carl Allen, Tony Miceli, Oscar Albrieu Roca, Javier Nandayapa, Ralph Nader and Harvey Thompson of BYOS, Tom “Bones” Malone of The Late Show with David Letterman and The Blues Brothers, and Bill Summers of The Headhunters.


Over the span of his career, Pablo has been able to perform in many prestigious venues and events. Such appearances include The 122nd Annual Tournament of Roses Parade, The USM 10th Annual Jazz and Blues Festival, The Grand Ole Opry, and Carnegie Hall. He has also won the Mississippi PAS (Percussive Arts Society) Chapter Drum Set Competition in 2018 and the Vibraphone Competition in 2017 which earned him an honorary invitation to the Italy PAS International Vibraphone Competition by Italy PAS President, Antonio Santangilo.


Currently, Pablo is performing with projects such as the award winning Jazztet and Wind Ensemble at The University of Southern Mississippi, and his personal project The Suitcase Kids.


Pablo’s teachers include Michael Reschke, Zerick Randolph, Tony Miceli, Jeff Mills, Ricky Sebastian, Bill Summers, Daniel Dufour and Vlade Guigni.


Pablo is an endorsing artist for Murat Diril Cymbals and Canopus Drums.


Though my musical career is still young, Murat Diril was the first company to take a chance on me. They have provided me with a pallet that lays down the foundation to my own sound. The sound and craftsmanship of these cymbals is simply impeccable.” -Pablo E. Ranlett-López 

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