Nigel Maynard [ Canada ]

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Nigel Maynard - Autobiography

Nigel Maynard has been a drummer for almost 30 years. Originally being grounded in Funk, Hip Hop, and Reggae. He quickly learned that there was much more variables in music that had its own flavor in which he soon learned to adapt to. After studying at Humber College for Music and Sound Reinforcement, he had become quickly found of styles such as jazz, Latin, rock, blues, and yes.. truth be told… Country music as well. This collage of musical genres began to fuse into Nigel.

Backtracking a bit, – Nigel also discovered “Gospel Music around the age of 12” – and he realized that this style of music, not only being uplifting and nurturing for the spirit… also had a depth and attraction like no other. He soon learned how to express himself in this musical genre as well. Going to churches in the Greater Toronto Area – contemporary styles of worship to liturgical styles, to modern styles, hymns, soul southern styles – to choirs – he has learned to mesh in and find his own means to express his soul and spirit in that medium.

“Music can be an expression of one's soul. With so many things in this world that are designed to
keep people down – and depressed, struggling, music can be one of those things
– that can be a tool to allow someone to find the hope they are looking for, and the answers they need.
God made music for us to bless each other – and Him.
Let us never forget that…”

– Nigel Maynard

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