Evan Stone [ USA ]

Translucent Ham Sandwich Band

Based in Los Angeles but originally from Long Island, New York, Evan Stone (Drummer/Producer/Bandleader) currently fronts his original project the Translucent Ham Sandwich Band who released their debut album in 2016 entitled: ‘Music From The Future’ which has received airtime on numerous radio and cable television stations around the world. 
Evan Stone has toured the United States with trumpeter/bandleader Maynard Ferguson and traveled throughout Australia and New Zealand with pop artist Toni Childs. Evan formed the Progressive/New Thing Rock band Salty The Pocketknife which released their debut recording in 2003. When not leading his own bands throughout the west coast, Evan has toured in the past with the Greg Adams Band (Tower of Power) and pop artists Aly & AJ.
In addition, Evan Stone has played with Kei Akagi, John Beasley, Brian Bromberg, David Garfield, Gilbert Castellanos, Darek Oles, Bob Sheppard, Chuck Manning, Doug Webb, Steve Cardenas, Theo Saunders, Otmaro Ruiz, Luther Hughes, Bob Cooper, Dr. Art Davis, Llew Matthews, Rob Mullins, and Anthony Wilson. Fish.

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